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kids first aid courses Kids 1st Aid
Kids 1st Aid

301 Twin Lake Dr Waco, Texas 76705 United States

Supporting parents, grandparents and caregivers to respond quickly and confidently to childhood emergencies.

Kids 1st Aid at a Glance
The only first aid course in the US taught exclusively by practicing EMTs, Paramedics and Fire fighters.

Ben and Katie Fisher, a husband-wife team of Intensive Care Paramedics with 30 years of combined experience with the NSW Ambulance Services in Australia, founded Kids 1st Aid in 2007.

Our Goal: To impart basic first aid knowledge to all moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, babysitters and caregivers of children aged 0 to 16. We want to teach them what to do in an emergency situation, particularly in those critical first minutes before professional help arrives.

Our Belief: That all parents and caregivers of children MUST know first aid because no child should be at risk! And that practicing EMTs, Paramedics and Fire fighters are the best people to impart this knowledge, as first responders these professionals are uniquely qualified in emergency care with real-life experiences dealing with panicked parents in highly stressful situations.

Our Mission: To empower millions of parents and caregivers to deal calmly and confidently with their children in an emergency situation until all parents across the country know what to do in a crisis!

Our Method: Entertaining, engaging and memorable 3-hour workshops on what to do when faced with the 10 most common childhood emergencies. Real-life information on what to expect and how to act to save your child, quickly and correctly.

Class Content: Participants learn how to respond calmly and with confidence to all the things parents worry most about. The course covers the 10 most common childhood first aid emergencies: CPR, choking, drowning, burns, poisoning, allergies and anaphylaxis, stings and bites, seizures and fever, factures and bleeding. Plus smart safety education in the home and car to avoid accidents.

To Date: More than 20,000 parents, grandparents, friends and caregivers have been trained by Kids 1st Aid, in public workshops and corporate sessions. To find the closest workshop visit


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